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    Privacy policy

    Japan Mint makes effort to protect customer's privacy in compliance with "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and this policy in view of importance of privacy protection of personal information.

    Definition of personal information

    Customer's Personal information (Personal Information) means information about an individual which can indetify a specific customer by name, address or phone number. It includes information that can identify a specific individual by collating with other information.

    Personal information to be handled

    1. Name, address, phone number (including cell phone and fax number) and other information provided by customer at time of order.
    2. Name, address, phone number (including cell phone and fax number), date of birth, e-mail address and other information provided by customer at registration process on our online shop.
    3. Name, address, phone number (including cell phone and fax number) and other information provided by customer at Mint Shop or events.

    Purpose of utilization of personal information

    We will not use personal information without customer's concent except purposes described as below.

    1. For Mint's advertisement
    2. For Mint's notice of confirmation of payment and shipping of products
    3. For Mint's invitation to event which Mint hosts or participate in
    4. For Mint's survey concerning Mint's activities
    5. For Mint's response to customer's inquiry
    6. For Mint's urgent notice relating to its business

    Consignment of handling personal information or provision of it to a third party

    The personal information collected shall not be provided to a third party without customer's consent. However, the customer's consent shall not be required in the following cases:

    1. Outsource of data entry and word processing of information written in letter or paper applications provided by customers to register such information to our sales management sysytem.
    2. Outsource of preparing address labels and pasting them to send advertisemnt, notice and product to customers.
    3. Inquery to credit card companies or payment service providers to confirm customers' payment
    4. Response and communication for customers' inquiries for which reference of address and phone number are needed.
    5. Provision of personal information is required by law.

    Provision and correction of personal information and suspension of use of it

    1. If customer wants to provide or correct his/her personal information to us, please contact us.
    2. If customer wants to suspend our use of his/her personal information, please contact us. But please understand that minimum required information for our business will not be deleted.

    Overseas Sales Group, Japan Mint
    (+81) 6 6351 5087
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    By encrypting, the content of communication will not be refered or altered by a third party.

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