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Terms of Use

[Important] Before entering into member registration process, please read this terms of use below.
"In this terms of use, your rights and obligations pertaining to use of this service are stipulated.
When you click the ""Agree, proceed to member registration"" button, you are deemed to agree to all of the conditions of this terms of use. "

    1. Member

    • (i) "Member" is an individual who agree to this term of use and apply a membership registration in accordance with the process determined by Japan Mint.
    • (ii) "Member Information" is personal information such as name, address and phone number as well as record of transactions, etc., which member discloses to Japan Mint.
    • (iii) This terms of use are applied to all member and you must agree at the registration and after registration.

    2. Registration

    • (i) Membership qualification.
      An individual who agreed to this term of use and applied a membership registration is qualified as a member after the completion of registration process. Registration must be done by him/herself who wants to be a member. Registration by proxy is not allowed. Anyone who was revoked the membership qualification in the past or doesn't seem to be appropriate for the membership within Japan Mint's discretion may be refused to apply membership qualification.
    • (ii) Entering information of yourself
      Please read notes for entering information carefully and enter accurate information at the membership registration. At the registration, you cannot use special characters. Such characters will be modified at Mint's discretion.
    • (iii) Management of Password
      • 1. Password shall be only used by member him/herself and not lent or transferred to third parties.
      • 2. Member must manage his/her password by him/herself without revealing it to anyone. Member is expected to change password periodically to avoid unauthorized use by others.
      • 3. Manifestation of intention to Japan Mint by using password shall be deemed as intention by member him/herself, and members are responsible for obligation of payment caused by using password.

    3. Change of Information

    • (i) When member's registered information was changed, member must inform Japan Mint of such change as early as possible.
    • (ii) Japan Mint is not responsible for any damages caused by not changing registered information. Please note that transactions processed before the change of registered information will be processed based on information before the change, even though you applied such change.

    4. Withdrawal from Membership

    In case of withdrawal, please apply withdrawal process by member him/herself. Please follow the designated withdrawal process.

    5. Loss of Membership Status and Obligation for Compensation

    • (i) Japan Mint has a right to revoke membership status in case that the member applied fallacious information at the registration or Japan Mint recognizes the membership is not appropriate within Mint's discretion.
    • (ii) The member is responsible for compensation of any damage caused by member's activity as below.
      • 1. Use member ID and password illegally.
      • 2. Alter information of this website by illegal access and send harmful computer program to disturb Japan Mint's activity.
      • 3. Infringe upon intellectual property rights of products of Japan Mint.
      • 4. Any activity against this terms of use.

    6. Management of Membership Information

    • (i) As a general rule, Japan Mint does not disclose membership information to third parties without member's consent. But in the case below, Japan Mint has a right to disclose membership information without member's consent.
      • 1. Request for disclose in accordance with laws.
      • 2. In case that Japan Mint decides to protect Mint's rights, benefits and honor.
    • (ii) Membership information is managed by Japan Mint under this website's "Privacy Policy". Japan Mint has a right to use membership information for providing, improving and promoting services and managing services in a smooth and sound manner.
    • (iii)Japan Mint has a right to provide information including advertisement by e-mail magazine. In case that the member doesn't want to receive any information, Japan Mint ceases to send information under the member's request. But any information relating to service management will be sent to all members.

    7. Prohibited Matters

    Activities below are prohibited during the use of Japan Mint's services.

    • (i) To violate law, this term of use, warning for use of our services, warning at purchasing process.
    • (ii) To harm Mint's and third parties' rights, benefits and honor and etc.
    • (iii) Activities which have a bad influence upon young people and violate public order and morals.
    • (iv) Activities which give third parties troubles and displeasure.
    • (v) To input false information.
    • (vi) To send Japan Mint or write harmful computer program, e-mail, etc. on the Japan Mint's websites.
    • (vii) Hacking to Japan Mint's servers and other related computers.
    • (viii) To lent or transfer your password to third parties, or to share password with them.
    • (ix) Other matters which are deemed to be impertinent by Japan Mint's decision.

    8. Interruption in Service, etc.

    • Japan Mint has a right to suspend services without notice to keep the system in good condition under the circumstances as below.
      • (i) Regular or emergency maintenance is needed.
      • (ii) Intensive system load.
      • (iii) Difficulty of system operation because of fire, power failure, act of obstructing by third party etc.
      • (iv) Other circumstances which Japan Mint reluctantly decides to interrupt.

    9. Change or Repeal of Services

    Japan Mint has a right to change or repeal all or partial services at Mint's discretion without advance notice.

    10. Disclaimer

    • (i) Japan Mint shall assume no responsibility for any damage caused by system interruption, delay, suspension, disappearance of data as a result of failures of communication lines and/or computers and data hacking as well as other damages against member relating to services provided by Japan Mint.
    • (ii) Japan Mint does not guarantee that e-mails sent from Japan Mint website, server and domain are free from computer virus.
    • (iii) Japan Mint shall assume no responsibility for any damage caused by member's violation of this terms of use.

    11. Revision of This Terms of Use

    Japan Mint has a right to revise this terms of use at any time and may stipulate complementary rules. Revision or complementary rules for this terms of use shall become effective right after posting it on this website. In that case, member should be governed by such revised terms of use and complementary rules.

    12. Resolution of Disputes

    Any dispute or difference arising out of or in connection with this terms of use, or the breach thereof, shall be governed by the laws of Japan and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Japanese courts sitting in Osaka.

Privacy policy

Japan Mint makes effort to protect customer's privacy in compliance with "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and other related laws and regulations as well as this privacy policy in view of importance of privacy protection of personal information.

Definition of personal information
Customer's Personal information (Personal Information) means information about an individual which can identify a specific customer by name, address or phone number. It includes information that can be easily collated with other information to identify a specific individual.
Scope of information gathered
1. Name, address, phone number (including cell phone and fax number) and other information provided by customer at time of order.
2. Name, address, phone number (including cell phone and fax number), date of birth, e-mail address and other information provided by customer at registration process on our online shop.
3. Name, address, phone number (including cell phone and fax number) and other information provided by customer at Mint Shop or events.
4. Our online shop automatically collects and stores Internet domain names, IP addresses, information about access to the Site and so on.
Purpose of use
We will not use personal information without customer's consent except purposes described as below.

1. For Mint's notice of confirmation of payment, shipping of products and fulfilment of contract with customers
2. For Mint's advertisement (e-mail newsletter, other materials relating to our products)
3. For Mint's invitation to event which Mint hosts or participate in
4. For Mint's survey and notice concerning Mint's activities
5. The information collected in 4. of "Scope of information gathered" will be used as a reference for the improvement of website and the efficient operation of the service provided by our online shop.
6. For Mint's response to customer's inquiry
Provision of personal information to a third party
The personal information collected shall not be provided to a third party without customer's consent. However, the customer's consent shall not be required in the following cases:

1. Pursuant to laws and regulations
2. Inquiry to credit card companies or payment service providers to confirm customers' payment
3. Response and communication for customers' inquiries for which reference of address and phone number are needed.
Measures to ensure security
Japan Mint takes necessary measures for the appropriate management of acquired information to prevent any leakage, loss or damage of acquired information. In addition, we may also disclose your information to a third party to outsource a part of our operation. In such cases, the third party takes the same necessary measures for the appropriate management of acquired information.
Disclosure and correction of personal information and suspension of use of it
If you have any inquiries for the following cases, please contact us. Your inquiries will be taken appropriately in accordance with laws and regulations.

1. If customer wants to disclose or correct his/her personal information to us
2. If customer wants to suspend our use of his/her personal information
3. If customer wants to inquire about use of his/her personal information
Overseas Sales Office, Japan Mint
(+81) 6 6351 5087
E-mail : overseas▲ (replace "▲" with "@")

Cookie policy

Purpose of use of cookie at Japan Mint's online shop
"Cookie" is a small text file that is sent when visiting a website and is stored on your browser. Our online shop uses a session cookie that is essential in order to browse our online shop and does not use it to acquire personal information and personal related information. Session cookie is a file containing an identifier that a website server sends to a browser for temporary use during a limited timeframe.
How to manage and delete cookie
Customer may choose to disable a cookie, or to delete the cookie that has been saved to their device by changing the browser settings.
For specific information on how to change the browser settings, please check the website, etc. created by a provider of each browser.
Please note that, if cookie is disabled, some functions at our online shop may become unavailable, and customer may no longer shop correctly.
Inquiry about cookie policy
For further information regarding this cookie policy, please contact Overseas Sales Office, Japan Mint as set forth in our privacy policy.